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At Classy, customer satisfaction is our top priority and has been the driving force behind our success in the lifestyle industry. We use state-of-the-art technology to create unique, high-quality furniture that aligns with our customers’ personal vision.

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Inspire your space through art and design.

Classy is the brand name under which the world knows Kottakkal Wood Complex™. Established in 1985, its world-class furniture brought it into a position of professional leadership within a very short period of time. The KWI (Kottakkal Wood Industry)  team’s constant urge to evolve and improve has been the driving force behind Classy, The furniture store. KWI’s expertise and professionalism coupled with team support catalyzed the growth of Classy into a preferred furniture brand among its valued customers. On the go, KWI has developed a Quality Management System (QMS) to enhance its performance in all respects.


Latest collection

38 Years of Craftsmanship.

Experience the pinnacle of Living

Renaistre Sofa 

Bringing you the revamped edition of the iconic Committee Chair. This historic chair, originally designed in the 1950s for Chandigarh’s government buildings by Pierre Jeanneret, has been reimagined to fit seamlessly into modern environments and is now known by the name Renaistre. Upholstered in luxurious artificial leather and featuring wrapped handrests, the Renaistre comes in single, two, and three seater form factors. It seamlessly combines comfort, elegance, and most importantly the experience of being part of a forgotten history.

Ash Wood Opulence

Embrace the beauty of nature within your living spaces with our Ash Wood Collection, where each piece is not just furniture but a statement of refined taste. Elevate your home, embrace enduring quality, and immerse yourself in the artistry of our Ash Wood Collection.

Customised Furniture

We know for a fact that everyone is an individual with personal needs and demands. The same goes when it comes to choosing furniture. Being aware of this inevitable need, we have from the very beginning offered our customers the luxury of fashioning their own furniture, specifically tailored for their needs and thus ensuring that the final product is in complete accordance with their custom specification and size dimensions.

The Delicate Duo

The Delicate Duo represents a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary design constituting panels with an intricate array of rattan knits. They seamlessly complement any décor and space. The entire collection is sculpted out of mahogany wood with a walnut finish and possesses clean angular edges.

The Opulent Choice

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Select from an array of exquisite dining ensembles.

Dine in opulence, surrounded by the finest craftsmanship and a diverse selection that ensures your dining area becomes a true reflection of your individuality. Elevate every meal, and celebrate every moment, with our unparalleled dining collection.

Shop for your home, by room

Explore our curated selection, tailored to your every room need From living room to bedroom, we’ve got you covered Elevate your home decor game with our room-based shopping options Transform your home, one space at a time”.

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We begin the manufacturing process with diligent selection and procuring of imported and domestic timber. This specific practice enable us to thoroughly assess the quality and also aids in better shaping of wood.


The chosen timbers are transformed into lumbers of various shapes and sizes in our sawmill. We only utilize the heartwood portion for manufacturing furniture and is exclusively extracted from highest grade timber.


We make sure that no single piece of wood is exempt from the process of advanced chemical treatments as it prevents the possibility of powdering and insect attack in the wood. Wood treatment, if done appropriately, stagnates wood degradation and drastically extends the overall life of wood.


The treatment process is followed by seasoning, which aims to remove moisture content from the cells of wood walls. Seasoning is an essential process that helps to prevent the wood from cracking, bending, and warping. It also aids in the identification of low quality woods.


We utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every joinery, tenon, and mortise is perfectly fabricated with utmost precision and attention. Proper shaping renders the joineries strong, durable and immunizes it against expansion or contraction resulting from temperature and humidity variation in the atmosphere.


Each and every segment of the furniture undergoes rigorous assessment during 40+ stages of quality checks and consequently, the highest possible perfection is bound to be achieved in each individual product.


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