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Ash Wood Collection

Defined by luxurious grains, graceful curves, and robust craftsmanship, the Ash Wood collection showcases furniture pieces endowed with a singular and distinctive visual appeal. This artfully curated collection seamlessly blends classical design with modern functionality, resulting in an artful amalgamation that exudes timeless detail.

Amore Loveseats

Enjoy intimate company with the finest Amore loveseat-a remarkable make with well-defined curves, and circular upholstery fused with the rich textures of ashwood. The design is inclined towards a minimalistic yet functional approach and its versatility opens itself up to a multitude of utilities.

Nova Sofa

Nova, a revolution in seating aesthetics with its unconventional sofa set. The L-shaped design and inclined seating redefine comfort in a modern context. Nova boasts a minimalistic allure, lacking traditional handrests and accentuating the chic silhouette. Elevated on ash wood legs, this sofa set adds a touch of luxury to your space, making it a must-have for aficionados of contemporary design and cutting-edge interiors.

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Valencia Dining Set

The Valencia Dining Set – a modern masterpiece crafted from rich ash wood. The table’s thin matte finish tile adds a contemporary flair, highlighting the stunning wood grains throughout. This chic ensemble effortlessly combines durability with elegance, making it the perfect choice for stylish dining. Unleash the beauty of Valencia in your home and redefine your dining experience.

Moderna Single-seater

Moderna single seater is always characterized by an enveloping sleek backrest that extends to form the handrest and a balanced proportion that fits perfectly in all types of spaces. They are developed with great attention to detail that combines the warmth and texture of ashwood with delicate upholstery. They hold immense potential to be an addition that could upraise your interior.

Zeus Sofa

A premium sofa blending luxury and modern design seamlessly. Upholstered with plush cushions and featuring an ash wood base, Zeus stands out with its distinctive rear and handrest frame, elegantly wrapped in matching fabric. This minimal yet feature-packed sofa is tailored for modern design enthusiasts, effortlessly complementing any contemporary interior setting. Elevate your space with Zeus and experience the perfect fusion of style and comfort.

Clemenza Storage Unit

Embark on a journey of functionality and elegance with the Clemenza storage unit. Discover a symphony of storage possibilities within its eight compartments – small drawers above and four spacious boot spaces below. Admire the mesmerizing wood grains that dance across its entirety, transforming any interior into a captivating oasis of style. Elevate your living space with Clemenza, where practicality harmonizes with exquisite design in perfect unison.

Hera Dining Set

Introducing our exquisite Hera dining set, featuring a uniquely designed table supported by a single, robust leg, blending uncanny geometrical shapes for unparalleled elegance. Paired with plush-cushioned chairs boasting a modern curved backrest extending into handrests for utmost comfort. Embrace sophistication with our European-inspired creation.

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