Tips for maintaining furniture

  1. As soon as  anything is spilled on furniture it must be removed from surface immediately.
  2. Before using any cleaning substance use soft brush to remove dirt.
  3. Do not use any detergent / chemical based cleaner on leather /artificial leather.
  4. Do not use any scrubbing or abrasive pads on furniture.
  5. To protect furniture from cracking or drying on,keep it out of direct /indirect  sunlight and move it away from anything that produce heat.
  6. Professional should be hired to treat furniture when it is damaged or badly stained.
  7. Rotate the seating arrangement of sofa once in a while.
  8. Don't avoid dusting furniture.
  9. Frequent dusting remove air borne  deposit that buildup a filmy layer and scratch the surface.
  10. Clean, dry, soft cloth, or feather duster will effectively remove dirt.
  11. You'll usually want to avoid cleaning wood with water.