Guidelines for buying furniture

Ensure the following before you buy furniture

1. Is the wood furniture made from a hardwood?


2. Are the joints tight fitting?


3. Are the joints glued carefully without any glue showing?


4. Are the joints either doweled, mortise and tenon, tongue and groove, bolted, or


screwed, not stapled?


5. Are the corner blocks tight fitting, glued, and screwed into the frame?


6. Are the outside rungs or posts on each side of the chair back projected through the seat


to the underside?


7. Do the chair legs have stretcher bars and rungs for reinforcement?


8. Are there vinyl or rubber tips on the ends of the chair legs to protect the floor?


9. Does the chair or bench feel sturdy?


10. If upholstery is used, can it be removed for reupholster?


11. Are the chair or bench legs sturdy when pressure is put on them?


12. Are the chair or bench legs level with the floor?


13. Are the stained surfaces uniform in color?


14. Is the finish satiny smooth and free of rough spots?


15. Are the edges and ends finished evenly throughout without finger marks or teardrops?


16. Is the chair or bench finished on the back and underside?


17. If there is labeling, did you read the information?


18. Is there a warranty?